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8 Ways to Travel More Sustainably

The tourism industry is making a comeback and it could be happening sooner than we think! A lot of companies are slowly trying to find new ways to be more sustainable and kind to our environment, and we should too!

What are some ways that we can be more sustainable on our travels? Here are 8 easy ways you can try on your next trip:

1. Say no to disposable straws

Plastic straws or paper straws are still harmful to our environment, they either end up in our oceans or use too many resources to make. The best solution for straws is to decline one when you buy a drink or have your own metal straw handy with you.

2. Reusable items

Carrying reusable water bottles, mugs and cutlery is a great way to reduce the amount of single-use waste produced when you travel.

3. Opt for the greener transportation method

When booking flights, sites like Skyscanner, tell you which flights use less CO2 emissions. So, you can opt to purchase those tickets on your quest to travel more sustainably.

When you've arrived at your destination, consider riding a bike, taking public transport, or even carpooling. All are great ways to lower your carbon footprint.

4. Reef safe sunscreen

If you're travelling to a tropical destination you'll definitely be snorkelling and doing a lot of fun water sports in the ocean! As much as it's important to keep your skin safe, it is also important to keep the reefs safe. Using reef-safe sunscreen protects our reefs and oceans from being damaged while also protecting your skin!

5. Reusable produce and tote bags

Reusable produce bags are made out of cotton mesh and safe to wash. They're small so you can easily pack them in your backpacking pack and bring them with you on your grocery trips. You can also bring reusable tote bags for your grocery shopping, they fit a lot and are easy to carry on your travels.

Forgot to bring a tote bag with you on your trip? Empty out your backpacking pack or your luggage, and toss all of your groceries in there!

6. Bring your own towel

Bringing a lightweight, super absorbent and fast-drying towel can save loads of water and energy. Just pop it in with your clothes to wash and you can hang dry it after as it dries super quick.

7. Support the locals

Look out for local spots that you can support, especially when you're buying food or groceries. Local spots don't have produce coming from very far away, so they have a low carbon footprint. You're also supporting small businesses and it's an amazing way to experience the culture of your destination.

8. Volunteer

Volunteer experiences are a great way to give back to our planet! There are so many options available like supporting wildlife, or doing a beach clean-up, that you can volunteer your time and make a difference for our planet.

Each country does sustainability differently, what new sustainability lessons can you learn on your trip? I would love to know all the sustainable things that you do at home, or while you travel! Let me know in the comments below!


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