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Caught in a Wildfire

Going up to the North West Territories I would have never guessed that there would be stunning, untouched land like this. This beautiful National Park is not too well known to many people which makes this wonder even more exquisite to see. That, and of course the price range is a bit steep. Needless to say, the experience is well worth what you pay and I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

Our trip was super spontaneous, we got so lucky booking a Nahanni trip just one week out. Usually, Nahanni charter planes are booked months in advance and the season only runs for a few weeks every summer. But we lucked out, someone backed out of their booking so we snagged their spot. We even decided to spend a little bit more and camp out on Little Doctor Lake. The plane would drop us off at the camp site and pick us up the next morning. With not a single other soul in sight for miles and miles, we would have had the mountains and the lake to ourselves.

We kept saying how lucky we were on this trip, when finally our luck ran out. After a beautiful day of sightseeing, relaxing by waterfalls and lunching by the glacier, we began to fly over to our campsite. One hour later, in the distance, a mass of smoke clouded up the entire sky. It was such a terrifying sight. To think only hours before, these skies were clear blue. My heart sank as our pilot told us the bad news, the fire was right on Little Doctor Lake. The most insane experience was landing that tiny chartered plane right beside a massive forest fire. Seeing nothing but smoke ahead of me when I knew the real view was absolutely breathtaking, broke my heart. The ash in the water and the smell of smoke in the air was just too much. During our day we passed by a few small wildfires which our pilot told us is normal to cleanse the forests and make room for new growth. However, massive fires like this one, well that's none other than global warming. None other than our planet screaming help as we burn it to the ground.

For more information on how you can help fight climate change check out these resources below:

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