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Why the North West Territories is Underrated

I booked my flight up to Hay River, North West Territories before I could even think twice. Everyone back home questioned why I would choose to take three flights up to the North of Canada where the weather is cold and the food is mediocre. "Is there even anything to do up there?" Was a question I got a lot and an answer I had to find out for myself. My sister had recently moved up there so I took this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to check out the North and give people back home something better to say about it.

And boy do people have something great to say about it now...

Breathtaking views all to yourself

I was always in awe of how these spectacular places in NWT didn't have a single other person in sight. The entire territory felt like my very own playground waiting to be explored!

Did you know that there are mountains in the North?! And you can work there?! Parks Canada hires employees to camp in these beautiful national parks for ten days at a time.

Imagine if this was your office...

Midnight sun

During the summer's in the North the sun doesn't really ever set. Sunset is scheduled for around 11pm but the darkness never takes over which left me always feeling like I could be up forever exploring the beautiful landscapes of NWT.

Small town living

The greatest lesson I learned during my time up North is how to slow down. I was always on city time and stressed that we were going to be late, until I realized how laid back everyone was. A scheduled meet-up time always meant to meet one hour later than planned!

Everyone in the North was so friendly and made me feel so welcome during my time there. I'd go back to this not so talked about gem in Canada any day.

Indigenous communities

I was also so fortunate to learn more about the Indigenous communities up in the North. I rooted an even deeper respect for our Indigenous communities and the ways in which they protect and serve our land. I learned how sacred our Earth is, how we must take only how much we need, and replenish what we take. As I said thank you to the Earth and threw tobacco into the air, I had never felt more connected to Mother Nature.

Tons of wildlife

I can't forget about the beautiful wildlife I'd see on all my road trips! I've seen more bison than I can count, black bears, foxes and ravens. And of course, you don't truly feel Canadian until you have to carry bear spray with you on every hike you go on.

Bison crossing

Check out my YouTube channel for some epic Northern adventure vlogs that will hopefully convince you to check out this spectacular place as well!

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