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Playa del Carmen for Digital Nomads

The pandemic has changed all of our daily lives, and working from home was one of those changes. Although it was a difficult chapter of our lives, the freedom of time we acquired, showed us how we want to truly live our lives. The pandemic made me realize I want to be able to work with location freedom, giving me the chance to explore the world at my leisure.

One of the most cost-effective, relaxing, and fun places to try out this digital nomadic way of living is none other than Mexico. I heard many people shifting their lives for a while to live in this sunny paradise while getting their work done from their laptops. I decided to take this adventure on too and I was so happy I did!

I rented out an Airbnb in Playa del Carmen and explored the city on my own rather than staying at a resort. Living in Playa del Carmen and exploring the area of Tulum, was very safe, relaxing, and loads of fun!

Here are some reasons you should take a trip to Mexico as a digital nomad:

Cost-effective accommodation

You can rent out a place in Playa del Carmen for a month, six months, or even a year. Mexico is a hotspot for people who work from home so many of these rental places promote their speedy fast wifi. The best part? You can do your work on a rooftop pool or on your balcony overlooking the ocean for a rental price that could be cheaper than what you’re paying at home right now.

Cheap and delicious Mexican food

Talk about getting amazing food for pennies on the dollar! In Mexico, you can eat like a king and pay next to nothing for some mouth-watering food. I tried some of the best birria tacos and mango con chile just by exploring the streets of Playa del Carmen. Definitely do not underestimate food trucks and street vendors here!

Not to mention you can go out for a midnight snack or to a bar for 50 peso pizza slices and drinks!

Learn and practice a new language

If you’ve been meaning to learn Spanish, then immersing yourself in a Spanish-speaking country is one of the best ways to practice! Most people in Playa del Carmen only speak Spanish. Knowing the language can take you a long way and give you an in with the locals. Even though my Spanish was so limited, the locals were so patient and kind with me and were always up for a chat.

Relaxed living environment

Imagine, at the end of your work-from-home day, you close your laptop and head down to the beach. It’s only a short 5 min walk because your rental place overlooks the ocean. You watch the sunset as you enjoy snacks from the street vendors and watch the children play in the sand. In my two weeks at Playa, I was way more relaxed than I’ve ever been at home. Plus, I was still able to get all my work done, get a workout, and have a good meal without spending much money. It was almost like a dream and I couldn’t believe it was real. I never wanted to go home.

Sunny destination to pick up new hobbies

With a new relaxed environment, good weather, and more free time and money, it’s easy to pick up new hobbies in a sunny destination like Mexico. You can easily buy/rent yourself a surfboard and go surf the beautiful waves in the morning or start your own side hustle here in Mexico.

What impactful changes have you made to your life since the pandemic? Would you consider working digitally from another country?

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Jun 30, 2022

Wow! Wish I could live like a digital nomad:)

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