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Everything I Did and Ate in Seattle

The vibrant city of Seattle is a perfect stop when embarking on a road trip across the Pacific Northwest. Seattle offers a diverse range of activities for every type of adventurer. From stunning hiking trails just an hour's drive away to enjoying local trendy cafes, the list of things to do is endless! Here is everything I did and ate during my time in the Pacific Northwest.


Shopping in Ballard

Ballard is a hip neighbourhood that meets the maritime vibe of Seattle as it sits right by the water where there is still a local fishing port there! Ballard is filled with pretty shops with great souvenirs and incredibly cute and comfy crewnecks. Get lost in the shops and if you get hungry pop into one of the local restaurants for a bite.

girl winking while drinking wine beside the seattle waterfront
Increase your rizz with this sensational hat from Ballard!

Sunset at Gas Works Park

Gas Works Park, formerly home to a gasification plant, is now open as a park to the public. The plant remains there but you can pack a picnic, sit by the hills of the plant and watch the sun go down over the bridge. It's a great relaxing environment where many families, friends and couples gather to enjoy the fresh air. While visiting Gas Works Park, you can also walk over to the Fremont Troll, a concrete statue located under a bridge portrayed crushing a Volkswagen under its hand!

woman standing in front of seattle waterfront

gasification plant

Hike Annette Lake Trailhead

Seattle is a hub for hiking and a must-do when visiting the Pacific Northwest. I did a moderate hike up to Annette Lake, a 10 km hike with a 603m elevation gain that takes roughly 4 hours to complete. Once you reach the top, you'll find Annette Lake where you can sit for lunch and take in the view before you head back down.

mountains and a lake

Pike Place Market

One of the most iconic landmarks of Seattle is located right beside Elliott Bay. Here you can find tons of food markets, local art and retro shops. My favourite foods I tried were the Russian pastries from Piroshky Piroshky and the mac and cheese at Beecher's!

woman standing in front of waterfront with ferris wheel in the background

sign that reads public market

You can also visit the famous (slightly gross) Gum Wall and (if you're brave enough) stick your gum on the wall. Don't forget to also head to the fish market and see the famous fish toss!

signs read "Post Alley" and underneath "Historic District Pike Place Market", both are covered in gum
Gum Wall

Day Trip to Bainbridge Island This charming little island is located in Puget Sound and a short ferry ride from Seattle. Plan a day in your itinerary to enjoy the ferry views as you sail away over to the island known for its wine tasting, museum of art and local shops!

seattle waterfront view with ferris wheel
Coastal view of Seattle from Bainbridge Island ferry

Stop by Pegasus Coffee where you can grab a coffee and write a little postcard to your loved ones back home! Pegasus Coffee mails the postcard for you anywhere in the world free of charge!

hand holding post card up in a coffee shop

Seward Park

Seward Park has something to offer everyone. The park is equipped with a lovely beach open for swimming and overlooks a holographic-like mountain view. It also has a trail where folks can go for a walk, bike ride or run.

lake with holographic-like mountain view in the distance

Nightlife Activities

Capitol Hill is the place to be for all your nightlife activities! Start your night at Unicorn, a carnival-themed LBTQIA+ supportive bar with arcade games and a stage downstairs! Then head to Chop Suey where they throw dance parties of different genres. I went to their 2000s-themed party and it was a blast!

night club where a glowing sign reads "good vibes only, chill and zen in the den"
Chop Suey

For my concert heads, you can check Climate Pledge Arena for any events that are scheduled during your trip! I went to see 50 Cent and it was cool to experience the most sustainable arena in the world with a zero carbon emission rate!

The Spheres

The Spheres are these three incredibly cool-looking glass domes on the campus of Amazon headquarters. Inside The Spheres is a nature-inspired environment where you can sit and get some work done. You're free to explore the outside of The Spheres at any time but if you'd like to book a time to explore the interior you MUST book in advance. The Spheres work spaces are generally open to Amazon employees but there are limited visitation spots open to the public on the first and third Saturday of each month, so keep an eye on their website for available spots!

glass sphere architecture


Ivar's Salmon House

Ivar's is famously known in Seattle and is a must-try when visiting. It has been around since 1933 when Ivar Haglund opened his first aquarium, he noticed people started developing an appetite when visiting and so began the seafood restaurant chain. I recommend visiting the Ivar's Salmon House as it is located at the edge of the water and you can dine with a beautiful view of the Seattle skyline with the Space Needle peaking in the distance.

spread of seafood from ivar's salmon house in Seattle

Starbucks Reserve Roastery

Be prepared to wait in line because this is an experience you don't want to miss! The first Starbucks Reserve Roastery opened in Seattle and is home to a wide selection of coffees and cocktails. Go wild, grab an espresso martini and embark on their coffee-tasting tour. I tried the Oleato coffee infused with olive oil cold foam!

man pouring beans into large coffee grinder

coffee flight of three

Biang Biang Noodles

Biang Biang Noodles serves up a hefty bowl of hand-pulled noodles and a deliciously spicy broth. While you're there indulge and grab one of their baos, they are to die for!

Biang Biang noodle bowl

Salt & Straw

This place has the most unique ice cream flavours I have ever tasted. From bananas fosters with candied pecans to pear and blue cheese flavours, you'll want to try every flavour on the menu!

three scoops of icecream being held up in a cup with a spoon sticking out

Drag Brunch at Taqueria Cantina

My favourite experience in Seattle was watching a drag show while having brunch with bottomless mimosas. This experience is so fun and such a positive environment! Be sure to bring some dollar bills with you so you can tip your drag queens for their incredible performances!

drag queen performing with her arms out wide wearing a red and gold costume, red gloves and a blonde wig

And that's it, all I did and ate in Seattle!

What are you most looking forward to exploring in the Pacific Northwest? Let me know in the comments below!

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Looks like a great place! So much to see, eat and do!!

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