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It was so great to escape the city this weekend, unplug from social media and be immersed in the breathtaking nature of Tobermory. I had my fingers crossed for good weather all weekend and my luck held out for 2 out of 3 days.

On our way up, we stopped in Owen Sound as I heard there's a beautiful hidden waterfall waiting to be found. When we got there, the hike was short and so was the waterfall. But, it was nice to take a break from the car ride up.

Once we got up north, we went straight to hiking Lion's Head Lookout Trail and man, was the view absolutely stunning. It made the hike up there all worth it in the end. After taking a side trail and getting lost in the beautiful tall trees, we ended the hike two hours later. It was surprisingly hot that day but I couldn't have asked for better weather in late September.

After our hike, we checked into our Airbnb - a cozy cottage by the lake. We made it just in time to take the kayaks out for a sunset ride. It was a perfect, peaceful end to the day.

The next day, we were up early to catch our boat to Flowerpot Island. After some tedious COVID screening, we were finally on our way to the island! During our boat ride, we saw two shipwrecks under the crystal blue water that crashed in the bay of Tobermory many years ago. I thought, how lucky the people who have cottages here are to be able to snorkel around the shipwrecks every summer!

FUN FACT: The boats never have algae grow on it because the water is so cold!

The boat ride to Flowerpot Island - watch closely and you can see a rare sighting of Cole's hand in my timelapse.

When we got to the island, we had our sandwiches by the water, right next to the largest flowerpot on the island. As we had so much time, we explored the caves and hiked all the possible routes we could. We stopped by the lighthouse and skipped rocks by the museum, which used to be where the lighthouse keepers would stay. It was rainy and cold for the rest of our time on the island, but still, such a beautiful sight to see.

I found this rock and it was calling out The Little Mermaid vibes, so I had to play it out.

Four hours later, we headed back to Tobermory and picked up some more groceries and fish and chips for the night. We were so exhausted from our adventure today, we took a nap for the rest of the evening. By night, we sat by the campfire, enjoyed some wine and cheese and played UNO.

On our final day in Tobermory, we packed our bags and headed to the Bruce Peninsula! I was nervous to head up there as there are many rattlesnakes in the area but I was happy to report that I didn't see any. When we got to the peninsula, the water was absolutely stunning. Crystal clear water was calling me to come swim. As I jumped from the cliff and plunged into the FREEZING cold water, I felt my body paralyze. I had never felt water that cold in my life! I hopped out of the water so quickly, as my body started to burn on the inside, trying to make up the heat in my body to stay warm. I hopped out of the water trembling like crazy but with the biggest smile on my face.

Have you been to Tobermory? What was your favourite part? Let me know in the comments below, I'd love to check them out next summer!

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Awesome! I messed my trip for nothing.....will make it there someday soon i hope....

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